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Wellness coaching is life coaching with a focus on health and wellness.  A clear vision is created and then supported by realistic and attainable goals to maintain motivation and achieve success.  The coaching relationship is client driven and positive.  The coach offers compassionate and confidential accountability and support.  Following an initial 90 minute consultation, coaching sessions are weekly, biweekly or single as needed.  A four to six month commitment is recommended. 


Experience wellness coaching in a dynamic, group setting with some close friends or co-workers.  The coach guides the dialog while group members offer additional support and accountability.  Sessions occur weekly, biweekly or monthly as determined by the group through a conference/bridge call line.  Groups are positive, confidential and supportive.  Group coaching requires a four month commitment. 

Personal Training - Individual or Group

Locally in person or remote programming available.  Pricing varies.

Nutritional Consultation

Caloric and nutritional analysis and guidance.  Meal planning and shopping services available.  Pricing varies.

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